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About DrmzTech
About us

Drmz System Innovations is a registered Pvt. Ltd. Company. We at DRMZ, are a team of creative, enthusiastic & focused people. We are committed to enhance research work across India. Our effort will be to provide young researchers a suitable environment & technical facilities to nurture their creative & research oriented mindset. Presently Company operations are divided under two Divisions, viz DrmzTech and DrmzSoft.
DrmzTech is the Technology Division of Drmz System Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal, which provides Embedded system solutions and Educational services. We aim to provide unique, customized and user friendly solutions and products in the embedded systems space. Presently DrmzTech is working in following areas:

1.Educational Services:

DrmzTech presently have following educational related service offerings :

  • Workshops: DrmzTech organizes workshops or short training program at various educational institutes on the topic like MATLAB, Image Processing, SIMULINK, Embedded Systems,Robotics. For more details please visit workshop

  • Trainings: Drmztech organizes two weeks or four weeks training modules at its Full time DrmzTech centres in Bhopal, Indore and Gwalior. Topics includes, MATLAB and Image Processing, MATLAB and SIMULINK, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Etc. For more details visit Training

  • Major/Minor Project Support: Major and Minor projects are integral part of engineering curriculum. Engineering students finds it difficult to get right guidance for their projects.

  • M.Tech / Phd Thesis Support: In a short span of time, DrmzTech has developed a very strong Reseaech & Development Team. Also with the aim to carry high end research at Drmz, We also provide support and environment for M.Tech and PHD level thesis and Research work. For more details please visit contact us.
2.Educational Products:

DrmzTech presently offers wide range of educational products including Micro-Controller Programming and developments, Sensors, Robotics chassis and related products, Motor drivers and lot more. For more details visit product page

3.Industrial Products:

DrmzTech presently working in specialized embedded system based solutions for Industries. If you are an Industry and looking for solutions for your automation related Problems, DrmzTech may help you for it. For more details please visit contact us.

How did we start?

Two college friends Sudesh & Roshni from NIT Bhopal, during their college days wanted to enhance the technical environment founded a technical society named Vision in their college. With strong support from their batch mates and juniors, this society soon became a tremendous success. Using this platform Students in MANIT are sharing their knowledge among themselves to further enhance and strengthen their technical skills.

After two years of completion of BTech, Roshni completed her two years of work experience with Wipro Technology & Sudesh got his MBA degree from IIM Indore. By now the two college friends had become best friends & once again a contagious idea infected their brains. The idea was to set up a company which can work in field of electronics & software development fields simultaneously. Hence a company named Drmz System Innovations Pvt Ltd was registered on JUN 23rd 2010. The vision of DRMZ is to come up with unique valuable products in field of electronics & software. The mission of DRMZ is to enhance research & development in various technical fields.

However it is rightly said that it is much easier to think but to implement. And here comes the entry of our third Musketeer Sagar. Since its inception, Drmz saw lots of ups and downs, but one person who always stood by Drmz to sail through all these hurdles is Sagar. Without his strong support perhaps Drmz wouldn’t have survived through many difficult times, to complete its glorious two years of operations.

At present there are three directors at DRMZ: Sudesh Morey, Roshni Kumari, Sagar Morey. Sudesh and Sagar are presently heading electronics & technology division of the company named DrmzTech. Roshni is heading and taking care of software division named DrmzSoft.

Directors’ Profile
Sudesh Morey:

Being the Head of DrmzTech, he is the source of inspiration for the whole team. Commonly known as Techno-manager, he completed his B.Tech from National institute of Technology, Bhopal (MANIT, Bhopal) and completed his Post Graduation Degree in Management (PGDM) from Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM, Indore). He is a well known speaker and mesmerizes the crowd with his soft spoken but effective speech. His main strength lies in explaining complex things in a very simple language with least jargon and by coming to the understanding level of the audience.
He is an expert in Robotics, Circuit designing, Image processing, MATLAB and Embedded system. Besides, he has keen interests in current affairs, macro economics and marketing. He is a budding entrepreneur from IIM, Indore.

Roshni Kumari:

Leading the software division DrmzSoft, she has a keen interest in future planning & implementation in favour of the company. She has a dream of running research & development projects in multiple areas for the welfare of human being. In her guidance, currently DrmzSoft is working for

  1. client based projects
  2. internal development projects
  3. development & maintenance of internal websites: drmztech.com, drmzgroup.com & drmzdzyner.com
Sagar Morey:

Mr. Sagar Morey completed his Bachlor’s (BE) in Computer Science Engineering from SIRT, Bhopal. Immediately after completing his education, he joined Drmz and headed the Publicity and Marketing team. He is very jolly by nature and believes in simple living. His very nature makes him very popular among his peers. He is particularly popular among students for his caring nature for them.

what is our Vision & Mission?


Human Visions for the future ... Technology Solutions for today

We believe in energy, creativity & enthusiasm of young professionals. We want to provide them a suitable work environment & technology to nourish their research skill and develop them as dynamic experts with leadership quality and a responsible citizen.


  • Enhancing research work in India & World wide
  • Value our Customers & Partners and believe in long term relationship
  • On time delivery with 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Maintain Honesty, Integrity & Transparency
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Promote creativity, original Thinking & Self-excellence
  • Open to new Ideas & Technologies