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Training Details

MATLAB and Image Processing


  1. Basic Arithmetics
  2. Graphics-2D
  3. Graphics-3D, Animations
  4. MATLAB Programming
  5. MATLAB Programming tutorials
  6. Graphical User interface - I(GUI)
  7. Graphical User Interface - 2
  8. Data acquisition Toolbox, Manual Robo Control
  9. Image Processing basics with introduction to MATLAB Image processing Programming
  10. Grayscale Image Processing
  11. Binary Image Processing
  12. Color Image Processing
  13. Project implementation on Color Ball Tracking Robot
  • Take away kit (to each student): MCC (MATLAB Computer Control) Kit & Training Manual
  • Take away goodies (to each student): Drmz Tech Bags and Keychains

Training Nature:Minor/Major Training Cost:4800
Training Duration:2 weeks/4 weeks Training Status:Active

Training Locations

Bhopal Office Address:
Flat no.401, Siddarth Apartment, Kasturba Nagar, Near Chetak Bridge, Bhopal

Indore Office Address:
208, Gold Star Complex, 576 MG Road(Infront Of TI Mall) Indore-452008

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