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Workshop Details

Autonomo Robo Explorador Workshop succesfully conducted@ MANIT Bhopal

Workshop Fee: 4400(in a group of four) Workshop Duration: 2 day


DrmzTech in association with MANIT, Bhopal is organizing a workshop on Autonomo Robo Explorador, a line following Robot collision avoidance technology at MANIT Bhopal exclusively targeting TECHNOSEARCH, 2012 on date 6th-7th Oct 2012. After attending this workshop, the participants will be well equipped both in terms of knowledge and resources (please see workshop kit content) to make their own Autonomous Line follower and Obstacle Avoider Robot.

The duration of this workshop will be two days with Eight hours session each day. Each session will be divided into following parts:
  1. Theory lectures through power point presentation in a lecture hall
  2. Hands on / Lab sessions: Practical lab sessions in a Computer lab and/or Hands on implementation session in classrooms

Topics Covered

DAY-1 (Session-1)

  1. Robotics : Introduction, Foundation, Definations , applications
  2. Student Level Robotics : Relevance of Robotics for engineering Students
  3. Various Components of a Standard Robot
  4. Motors, Chassis, etc.
  5. Drive Mechanism
  6. Hands on: Implementing a Manual Differential Drive Based Robot
  7. DAY-1 (Session-2)

    1. Introduction to Autonomous Robotics
    2. Introduction to Micro-controllers
    3. ATMEL AVR ATMEGA8L Micro-Controller
    4. Input-Output Ports
    5. LED Blinking. LED Pattern

    DAY-2 (Session-1)

    1. Obstacle avoider Robot introduction
    2. Programming a Micro-Controller for Obstacle avoider Robot

    DAY-2 (Session-2)

    1. Line Follower Robot introduction
    2. Programming a Micro-Controller for Line Follower Robot

    At the end of this training Participants will implement following Robots:

    1. Wired Robot ( Type : Manual Robot )
    2. Obstacle Avoider Robot ( Type : Autonomous Robot )
    3. Line follower robot ( Type : Autonomous Robot )

    Kit to Each group:

    1. Manual Robot Kit
    2. Line follower cum Obstacle Avoider Robot Kit
    3. Training Manual
    4. DrmzTech Bag

    Kit content:

    Component Quantity
    1. Robo Switch (DPDT) 2
    2. Remote Box 1
    3. Special DrmzTech Robo Chassis 1
    4. Line follower sensor module 2
    5. Obstacle avoider sensor module 2
    6. ATmega8L IC 1
    7. AVR USB Programmer 1
    8. AVR Mini developmental Board 1
    9. Batteries 2
    10. Connectors as per need
    11. DrmzTech Bag1
    12. DrmzTech Keychain 4

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