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Workshop Details

I-Robotics Workshop @ MANIT on 19-20 Oct

Workshop Fee: 4800(in a group of four) Workshop Duration: 2 day


DrmzTech in association with MANIT, Bhopal is organizing a workshop on I-Robotics, an Image Processing Robot based on MATLAB at MANIT, Bhopal exclusively targeting TECHNOSEARCH, 2012 on date 19th-20th Oct.

Note: Please note the timings will be 12 Pm onward on 19th Oct

After attending this workshop, the participants will be well equipped both in terms of knowledge and resources (please see workshop kit content) to make their own I Robot.

The duration of this workshop will be two days with Eight hours session each day. Each session will be divided into following parts:

  1. Theory lectures through power point presentation in a lecture hall
  2. Hands on / Lab sessions: Practical lab sessions in a Computer lab and/or Hands on implementation session in classrooms

Topics Covered

DAY-1 (Session-1)

  1. Introduction to MATLAB
  2. MATLAB Windows and Basic Commands
  3. Arithmetic operations
  4. Graphics: graphs and plots
  5. Programming: Basic (script files)
  6. Hands on: programming sessions in Computer LAB

DAY-1 (Session-2)

  1. Data Acquisition toolbox
  2. Introduction to MUD Kit
  3. LED Blinking LED Pattern
  4. Motor drivers
  5. Controlling a motor using MUD kit

DAY-2 (Session-1)

  1. Image Acquisition toolbox
  2. Manual Robotics
  3. Computer controlled Robotics
  4. Computer controlled Robot Implementation

DAY-2 (Session-2)

  1. Image Processing toolbox
  2. Color Image Processing
  3. Introduction to I-Robotics
  4. I-Robotics Implementation

Kit Content (provided to each group):

  1. An exhaustive workshop handbook
  2. A specially designed MUD (Matlab USB Data Acquisition) KIT
  3. Manual Robot chassis
  4. Motor Driver Module
  5. Webcam
  6. Wires, Connectors and batteries
  7. Pens note pads and a bag
  8. Certificate to each participant


Being the Head of DrmzTech, he is the source of inspiration for the whole team. Commonly known as Techno-manager, he completed his B.Tech. from National institute of Technology, Bhopal (MANIT, Bhopal) and did his Post Graduation Degree in Management (PGDM) at Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM, Indore).

He is a well known speaker and mesmerizes the crowd with his soft spoken but effective speech. His main strength lies in explaining complex things in a very simple language with least jargon and by coming to the understanding level of the audience. He is an expert in Robotics, Circuit designing, Image processing, MATLAB and Embedded system. Besides, he has keen interests in current affairs, macro economics and marketing. He is a budding entrepreneur from IIM, Indore.

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