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This light weight and small reader connects to your computer to read the tags.

Solar data collection module

By analyzing the collected data, users can make adjustments to optimize the system's efficiency and maximize energy production.

RFID cards & Fingerprint attendance

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID cards contain small integrated circuits and antennas that allow them to communicate wirelessly with RFID readers. These cards are widely used for various applications, including attendance tracking and access control.

Mobile Robot

Creating a mobile robot for indoor transportation is for sure a challenging task, especially when it comes to overcoming hardware and software issues.

6-lawpan wireless communication

A short-range wireless technology designed for low-power, point-to-point communication between devices like smartphones, headphones, and smart home devices.

Industrial AGV - Robot

AGVs are designed with safety features to prevent collisions with obstacles, humans, or other AGVs. They can incorporate technologies such as safety scanners, proximity sensors, and collision avoidance algorithms.


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We have an expertise in the following sectors.

Circuit and PCB Design

Our experts designers optimize the power and significantly increase the life of PCB.

IoT Products

We build smart appliances and products that communicate with each other and operate autonomously.

Industrial Automation

Automate your industrial workflows.


Smart Autonomous Robots to navigate around 200Kgs.d and carry payloads upto.

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Drmz System Innovations is a registered Pvt. Ltd. Company which provides embedded system and IoT solutions. We aim to provide unique, customized and user friendly solutions and products in the embedded systems space. We at Drmz, are a team of creative, enthusiastic & focused people.

The Company is working on many cutting edge technologies and related products like the Internet of things (IoT), Industrial Robotics, Industrial Automation, Home and Office Automation, Demand side energy management system, Smart wireless modules for IoT, Smart attendance system, Smart Solar power generation management system, etc.


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    Drmz System Innovations is a registered Pvt. Ltd. Company. We at DRMZ, are a team of creative, enthusiastic & focused people. We are committed to enhance research work across India. Our effort will be to provide young researchers a suitable environment & technical facilities to nurture their creative & research oriented mindset.